Day to Day Benefits: My Playlist

My music choice is unorthodox, but that is not to say that it is anything special, or better than anyone else’s. It is just a bit uncommon. My goal is to have music in mind for every mood. I need it; I love music. Music can offer a chance into another mindset or amplify the one you are in. It gives you that shoulder to cry on or that courage you need before that last set of an exercise. I have never understood people who cannot become fully absorbed by the music. If you’re one of those people, I’d recommend you continue reading. Relating to music is easy, you just have to give it a chance.


Parov Stelar: Cleaning/Dancing. So, maybe this one, in particular, isn’t necessarily a mood (most of these recommendations aren’t), but he is certainly a musical genius. Parov mixes up a cocktail of swing, gypsy, and electronic beats to produce something that you are going to want to put on repeat all day. I like to listen to him when I need to focus and accomplish multiple tasks in a short period of time. The fast, upbeat music makes me want to run through everything quickly, so that I’m free to enjoy and dance when the breaks of swing finally hit. When I have to clean my disaster of an apartment, I’ll put this on my headphones and the place is cleaned in exactly 5.2 minutes with a few Charleston dance moves thrown in.


1940-Ample Remix: Focusing On Something Urgent. The creative flow of this song is perfect. I always admire people who can place hip-hop beats into songs that sound as though they’re from an older generation. Parov Stelar does something similar, but Ample seems to be more aggressive with it. To me, he is blending two different eras together, but when done perfectly, he creates his own style, or his own era of music, if you will. The women that sang in this song provides the perfect tone for the mood of drinking cocktails in the 1920’s; I’m going through a Speakeasy phase.


O.A.R: Love/Drinking. Love and drinking go hand and hand, but with OAR, just not the way you think. OAR does not write sad, crying on the coach love songs, instead, their songs are mostly uplifting songs about that first crush. OAR has somehow put the excitement of that new relationship into a melody. Now, if I was you, I would stick to their original work (first two albums).  When I was in high school, I had a huge crush on a girl who liked these guys. We would share earbuds to listen to “Love and Memories.” Since this was my first big crush, “Love and Memories” was on repeat all day. Aside from their perfect romantic songs, the rest of their music can be described as perfect drinking songs. I am not talking about Lil Wayne drinking songs either, I mean good beer-drinking songs; standing on the porch with some good buddies, music, and a few Sculpin IPA’s. The next time you are with some buddies, grab a few beers and listen to, “About An Hour Ago.” And as for that girl, she dumped me, but the band helped me get through that too.


Griz: Partying. Here is a story about how funk and electronic music made sweet love, which in result, made Griz. When those horns come to play following close behind the low bass you just can’t help but move. Griz is perfect for that pregaming process, when you’re taking those cheap shots, warming up the hips, and getting yourself prepared to go spend half your bank account on drinks.


Gramatik: Studying. This is perfect studying music. Gramatik has this calm, constant groove that keeps your eyes on the project. Nothing too fancy here, just piano and hip-hop beats with some horns sprinkled in. Gramatik will certainly help you study, since it’s not powerful enough to get you up to dance. In addition, it’s also not boring enough to put you to sleep when you’re pulling an all-nighter trying to finish that last paper.


Atmosphere: Hard Times. Rap is unique for me. I need to relate to rap on every level for me to enjoy it. Atmosphere does exactly that. Atmosphere has been through way more challenging times than I have, but the way in which he presents himself, his music, and his words allow everyone to step into his shoes. Atmosphere has been there for me during the roughest times throughout my life. He always seems to capture exactly what I need when shit kick’s me down. If I messed up, if someone did me wrong, or even if I’ve lost someone or something; Atmosphere has been there. He gives you an idea that he has been through the exact same thing or something even more challenging. The two songs that seem to always save me are “The Best Day,” or “My Notes.”



Give some of these guys a try when you are in these situations. If you end up finding a song that you love, let me know.


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