Update: My life

Here is an update on my life.


This post is part from the lack of time spent writing on articles but could possibly be a series. Maybe there are a small group of people that are curious about what’s going on in my life. Or maybe not. Either way here are some of the ups and downs that are currently taking place in my life.



Currently, I am meeting the opposite sex again in a social setting. I believe this is called dating. But stepping back in the dating world has been strange. I was using Tinder/Bumble. Which lead to some rough dates.

Went on a coffee date with a girl from Australia, which instantly gave me a flashback to college. The conversation mostly consisted of the late night drinking and traveling for music festivals. Nothing wrong with her lifestyle but I quickly realized that we were at different points in our life. As I continued to be active on this app, it became obvious that college students are the main clients for these apps. Not to say that I am better than these people but if you knew me you would realize that a late night now for me is staying up to 12.

Fortunately, I was connected with a past gym member recently. As of right now, I have been on two dates with her. I have no idea if anything will come of it but the past two dates have been fun and our conversation doesn’t consist of where Diplo is playing next.

The most important event that is currently taking place is that I have taken the action to get a therapist. The idea of getting a therapist has been weighing on me for a long time. I’ve tried in the past, to only find someone that seemed to be more of just a listener (aka. someone that just stares at me while I talk), but recently found a lady named Lindsey.

Lindsey’s approach to the first session was aggressive, in a good way. She wanted to talk about what I wanted to get out of therapy but she made it clear that it needs to be measurable. I was caught off guard since I thought therapy usually consisted of me talking about my life while someone provides insight. Even though Lindsey said that she will do that; Lindsey wants to reassess after a period of time to see if I had made improvements towards my goals. In today’s session, we went over what I wanted to improve and how to measure the progress. The main one: Self Confidence.

I’ll think about keeping you updated on this if anyone is interested.



Training has been rough. Dealing with a reoccurring lower back injury right now. Luckily I have been able to rehab it for the most part but after squatting this past Saturday it has given me a lot of trouble once again.

This Friday I am seeing a physical therapist that some of my training partners recommended. Hopefully, this physical therapist can provide some insight into why this injury keeps coming back.



There are ups and downs in my life but overall headed in a good direction. I try to keep myself focused on this. Also if you are in a rough point in your life or just need some help, find a therapist. Sometimes it can be expensive but I believe that investing in your mental and physical health is far more important than buying pointless material objects. Even if you don’t really feel the need for one; a therapist is an unbiased opinion that can better your life.



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