Day to Day Benefits: Book Report

Book report:   I know I haven’t posted in a while, but a good friend of mine had just recently spent some time in the hospital. At first, the desire to write simply wasn’t there, but because he’s feeling much better, I decided to try. This article is not meant to give you a full description of any particular book, but to maybe convince you … Continue reading Day to Day Benefits: Book Report

Day to Day Benefits: My Playlist

My music choice is unorthodox, but that is not to say that it is anything special, or better than anyone else’s. It is just a bit uncommon. My goal is to have music in mind for every mood. I need it; I love music. Music can offer a chance into another mindset or amplify the one you are in. It gives you that shoulder to … Continue reading Day to Day Benefits: My Playlist

The Greatest Experiences

I have had the opportunity to meet some remarkable people and enjoy some great moments in life. Doesn’t mean that there  haven’t been rugged patches. But I have been fortunate.   A thought might be that I have been spoiled in life with grand experiences. Or maybe it’s that my rough experiences were nothing but some minor hiccups. But the reality is that I have … Continue reading The Greatest Experiences